Mahjong All Day Long

Virginia (Ginnie) Lo's happy childhood in West Lafayette, Ind., is the basis for Mahjong All Day Long (Walker and Company, 2005), a delightful tale tailored for youngsters age 3 to 8.

This is the first book for Lo, an associate professor of computer science, and true to its subject matter, it's a family affair: Her sister, Beth, a ceramics arts professor at the University of Montana, is the book's illustrator. To create the book's distinctive images, she used underglazes and stains on handmade porcelain plates.

"The book came from memories of my extended Chinese family's never-ending mahjong sessions," Lo says. "The game is played and enjoyed by millions of people around the world and the modern version originated in China about 200 years ago."

The sisters learned to play mahjong as kids while sitting on their father's lap, and both continue to play to this day. When not playing mahjong in Eugene with her husband, children, and mother, who lives next door, Lo explores ways to harness the possibilities of what can be accomplished when hundreds and thousands of computers work together. This research and teaching specialty is referred to as parallel, distributed and peer-to-peer computing.


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